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Lord Porosa

Name: Lord Porosa

Strength 78%
Dexterity 82%
Constitution 91%
Intelligence 97%
Wisdom 98%
Charisma 84%


Seemingly a wise friendly wizard, Lord Porosa is only an illusion. He is trusted by many powerful leaders in the land, and is often pursued for his clever advice. He plays the part of the selfless, concerned, old wizard with only the best interest of all parties involved in any conflict. 

The dark truth is that he is almost always the cause of evil in the land. He plays both sides of any conflict so well, people are often convinced that his motives are pure. Any act of kindness from him has a price. He has cured the sick, only to enlist them in his army and send them to the slaughter. His victims often realize in their last moments of life that Lord Porosa was the one who made them sick to begin with.

It is known only to a few that he is behind the actions of the Alliance, a group of rebellious, misunderstood individuals. Their foot soldiers, referred to as Pain Mongers,  are convinced they are fighting for the rights of non-human folk. The Alliance is mostly comprised of non-human members, and is motivated by the inequalities its members have suffered at the hands of humans. Make no mistake, Porosa’s goal is not to remedy these inequalities, but to use the pain and suffering of his followers to create havoc and unsettlement within the kingdom. The charismatic man known as the Dragon Warrior, a human who feels more comfortable with the creatures of the world rather than his fellow man, is the face of the Alliance, but behind the curtain Lord Porosa is the real puppet master.

God’s Fire, led by Brother Lundverge has been tasked to get to the bottom of recent actions of Dragon Warrior’s Alliance, but little do they know, they are dealing with a much more powerful entity. Lord Porosa has lived for over ten thousand years and has had hundreds of different names. He is a true chameleon hiding in plain sight, but when cornered and forced to reveal his true self, his power is staggering. A drop of his blood melts steel. His spit burns flesh and he can create famine with a spell and death with a whisper. Porosa fights like a caged demon and will lead his followers to their demise like lambs to the slaughter.