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Tri Ock

Name: Tri Ock

Strength 85%
Dexterity 60%
Constitution 88%
Intelligence 91%
Wisdom 99%
Charisma 46%
Tri Ock is a mystical three eyed being who lives alone, despises humans, and has abilities to see the future and commune with spirits.

The Believer was near death, saved at the last minute by his four companions from the Korupterans. Lundverge had never suffered such a defeat. The power of the Korupterans was staggering. The best monster hunter in the land found himself     overpowered and outmatched. He was bested both physically and mentally, but most importantly his very being was called into question. His own sword, referred to as Faith, was identical to the swords the Korupterans used against him. The sword his mentor had given him, which Lundverge thought was unique, was only a copy of the Korupterans instruments of evil. Why was the man he trusted, the one he idolized, in possession of such a weapon? What was his master’s connection to the Korupterans and why had he not prepared       Lundverge for the day he would encounter them.
Lundverge healed physically, yet his confidence was shaken. He had the most horrible feeling that his old master was the only one who knew the secrets of the Korupterans and most likely was one of them. He desperately needed to talk to his master if there was any hope of defeating these monsters who possessed all of the powers of the vampire, yet none of the weaknesses. The only problem was, his master had been dead for years.
Lundverge traveled home to the monastery he was raised in and stayed for two years, consulting its great library. While he studied, The Fallen took over leadership of God’s Fire, calling on his personal army of Angels to help protect against the growing threat that the Korupterans were posing to the kingdom. One early morning while out in the field, the four God’s Fire warriors woke up with The Believer standing over their dwindling campfire.
“We need answers and I think I know where to find them,” Lundverge said. “I need you to ride with me on a dangerous quest. We must seek the being known as Tri Ock. He can see into the past and future as well as commune with the dead. I must talk to my old master, and I think Tri Ock can put me in touch with him.”

Lundevrge left that day with The Judge, The Faithless and the Redeemer. It was decided that the Fallen should stay behind and lead his army of Angels, alongside the Army of The Grand Order to hold the line as best they could until God’s Fire could return with the secret to defeat the Korupterans once and for all.
As the four men left in search of the mysterious Tri Ock, they had no idea of the perils they would face, or even if Tri Ock would help them. Lundverge found little information about the being known as Tri Ock, only that he was a solitary creature who lived alone in a cave somewhere on the Cascading Mountains, a thousand miles away, and that he despises human kind.