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The Unyielding

Name: Brother Veering

Strength 81%
Dexterity 55%
Constitution 74%
Intelligence 68%
Wisdom 71%
Charisma 48%
The fierce leader of the Army of the Pure finds himself at odds with both the Grand Order and the Alliance for his belief that all intelligent non human and magic wielding creatures should be destroyed.

 In his youth the Unyielding was a gifted monk. At that time, he was known as Brother Veering. He was as smart as they come and possessed blind faith in the teachings of the Grand Order. He knew from an early age that he was not destined to stay at his quiet monastery, but would leave to join the Army of the Grand Order as soon as he was allowed to, on his sixteenth birthday.

 He progressed as a soldier very fast. He seemed to be made for combat and quickly saw his first real battle. It was on this battle field that he met another aspiring young soldier named Brother Lundverge. It was an unceremonious meeting. The two had no time for introductions as they found themselves back to back fighting for their lives knowing only that they shared the same uniform. They had formed a bond like only soldiers can, and were soon inseparable. 

     The two bled together, ate together and became as close as brothers, but while Lundverge was able to keep his heart and mind filled with hope that peace would someday come, Veering was falling into despair. Sometimes the battles were against men, but often they were fighting non-human enemies. Vampires, Ramorians, Skeletons, orcs, goblins and even trolls were always making trouble. Magic wielders, sorcerers and the like were also horribly dangerous. Veering’s heart was growing harder and colder after every battle as he saw his friends fall.

     Veering began having a group of friends rally every night and discuss the wars. He became very vocal at these meetings. He was very charismatic and spoke well. He preached that The Grand Order was not doing enough. The Order was too reactionary and needed to stop waiting for the enemy to start trouble and instead go on full offence against what he called “The Impure” The Impure, according to Veering, was any non-human or magic wielding creature that was able to organize themselves into a societal threat. He even began quoting the Grand Book of the Order, twisting its words to support extermination of the Impure. This is what destroyed his friendship with Lundverge. Lundverge would not stand to hear the Grand Book’s meanings twisted into words of hate. He and Veering would argue violently into the early hours until Lundverge was no longer allowed at Veerings fireside chats. Even the Judge was barred simply for being friends with Lundverge.

As Veering’s following grew, the Army of the Grand Order became fractured to the point that a large group of soldiers began taking orders from Veering himself instead of the Order’s Generals. One day, Veering and his men disappeared. Nearly a third of the Order’s army deserted, all of them followers of Veering.

     Now Veering commands his own Army that fanatically hunts down and destroys any non-human settlement they can find. Their mission is complete extermination of the “Impure”. The only things standing in their way is the Army of the Grand Order, and the Alliance, two groups at war with each other. Veering, now known as “The Unyielding” rules his men with fanatic propaganda and the twisted word of the Grand Book.