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the Believer

Name: Brother Lundverg
Age: 57

Strength 60%
Dexterity 62%
Constitution 68%
Intelligence 72%
Wisdom 92%
Charisma 87%
The Leader of Gods Fire and the best monster hunter in the land

Brother Lundverge was a peaceful young monk living in a small monastery located on the outskirts of a small town. He loved the mundane lifestyle of monastic living. His world was turned upside down when a horde of vampires set their sights on the local village, harvesting their victims slowly, as if they were merely a food resource not to be squandered, but instead rationed.

The leaders of the monastery recommended prayer as the only answer to help the withering townspeople. Lundverge was the only monk who looked for a more proactive answer. As the other monks prayed, he studied the writings of the great library, learning the weaknesses of all monsters. Wooden stakes, garlic and weapons made of silver became his new tools. He gathered and prepared while his brothers prayed, and the townspeople hid terrified in their homes every night.

The night the vampires attacked the monastery, the monks dropped to their knees praying for divine intervention. The vampires approached slowly. Lundverge emerged from a doorway, wreaking of garlic and armed with wooden implements and holy water. He single handedly repelled the attack and the first steps toward liberation of the town were taken.

He continued to learn by seeking out experts, training in combat and he eventually left the monastery. He has become the most feared monster slayer in the land, being referred to across nations as The Believer, for his almost fanatical religious views, and his belief that he is the answer to his brother’s prayers for divine intervention on the night of the vampire attack. He is feared by all evil creatures and men alike.

He is now the leader of a special five man group of religious warriors. His team is sent on the most dangerous missions where success means survival to the cause. The Believer and his companions bring swift justice to all who pose opposition to righteousness.