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Name: General Sivart

Strength 81%
Dexterity 55%
Constitution 74%
Intelligence 68%
Wisdom 71%
Charisma 48%
The leader of a species called Ramorians, General Sivart has created an army that is loyal to the Alliance, but has recently started to wonder if he is on the right side.

      The Ramorians have always been a race that keeps to themselves. They rarely venture outside their own lands. They are a self-reliant, proud, and stubborn people who have historically never been involved with the politics of the land. 

     For centuries the Ramorians have been looked down upon by the more politically active races, especially humans. They often find themselves displaced when their lands are valued by someone with power and resources. The Ramorians have always quietly moved to a less desirable location in order to avoid conflict and to maintain peace. Then things changed for the Ramorians.

    An extremely intelligent and charismatic Ramorian named Sivart convinced his people to fight for their rights to remain on their lands and to have a voice in the political arena of the Kingdom. The Ramorians are naturally a strong and durable species that can endure high amounts of pain. They can be vicious fighters but have always lacked organization. Sivart organized his people. He made deals with the Mudthump family to supply his people with weapons. Under his leadership the Ramorians built protective walls around their lands and have held their ground in the political landscape.

     Only one Human has been able to gain General Sivart’s trust. Lord Porosa has slowly been able to sway the General. Through many secret conversations, Lord Porosa has persuaded the General to work with the Alliance. Although Sivart does not fully trust the man they call Dragon Warrior, they have been known to work together. With the backing of the Alliance, the Ramorians will continue to become stronger and work to take back the lands they once owned, by force if necessary.   

     The Ramorians follow Sivart without question. He has brought his people from being second class citizens to a military force to be reckoned with. He fights for his people’s equality with relentless fury. He does not take kindly to humans. Humans have historically treated the Ramorians the worst of all. His lack of trust for human kind is well known.

     Sivart’s people feel so indebted to Sivart that they proposed to name him King of the Ramorians. Sivart scoffed at the idea of a Ramorian King. Instead he said that he would be called “General”, and the name General Sivart became known throughout the land.